Free advice: Websites for small businesses

Things your small business website should do:

  • be attractive. ~ This one's subjective ~ but you know what we mean.
  • be easy to navigate.
  • be easy to read ~ and get your message across.
  • be up to date ~ including links.
  • be engaging ~ friendly and welcoming.
  • be found by Search Engines.
  • be listed by Search Engines.
  • be useful ~ for your potential customers and therefore work for you!
  • be helpful ~ provide freebies ~ such as this advice :-) and/or incentives.
  • Article about websites for small businesses in The Guardian.

Things your small business website should NOT do:

  • contain confusing information.
  • contain duplicate information.
  • provide inaccurate information.
  • be difficult to use.
  • be out of date.
  • be a SCAM/SPAM/COPYCAT site. e.g. Article in about Copycat sites.
  • be hidden ~ not found using search terms
  • be invasive ~ e.g. using cookies inappropriately.
  • be slow ~ incorporate 'frills' that take forever to down-load and don't add-value.
  • be 'old hat' ~ ok this may show that you were one of the early internet pioneers ~ but old-style doesn't always equate to good style. Actually, the same can apply to new style too. Menu driven mobile wesbite apps are often bland and uninspiring. Make sure that your website is stylish!
  • provide an open invitation to SPAMMERs.